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United States Karate Organization

Family Super Center
Since 1972

**Men, Women & Children **Affordable Programs
**Full Schedule of Classes**Certified Instructors
**Character Building Traits**Circuit Training
**Kickboxing/Aerobics**Demo Team
**Executive Fitness Club
**Ninja Birthday Parties

Integrated Curriculum:
Karate - Judo - Aikido - Jujitsu
Kung Fu- Tawkwando

Families...Kicking Together and Sticking Together

Kids- Have fun in a safe enviornment and learn self-confidence, self-respect and self-defense.

Teens- Perfect cross-training tool for the sports enthusiast; use peer pressure in a positive way.

( 925) 682-9517

Call today to schedule your VIP tour and free introductory lesson.

(925) 682-9517

USKO Family Super Center
4493 Clayton Road
Concord, California
2 blocks east of Treat Blvd. next to Food 4 Less.

Around Town
On-line mall
Corporate Page

Moms-Get fit in our new Kickboxing/Aerobics classes designed just for you.

Dads-More than self-defense and better than a health club. USKO gives you an exercise program with a kick! Or pump it up in our Executive Fitness Club.

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