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The PTA National Network is a project designed to involve parents and businesses in the local schools, improve the communication between the key players in the education of our children, and to help move families and communities into the 21st Century as smoothly and effectively as possible. We are doing this by providing EVERY SCHOOL's Parent Organization with a 20-page website providing resources, information, and valuable programs to the school, families and communities.

In order to serve the schools most effectively we need to have several concerned parents, citizens and students from each area involved. There are several opportunities associated with this project. Participants will be reimbursed for the time and effort they put into this through links to the page that will bring in a residual income and/or in upfront cash. The form of reimbursement varies from opportunity to opportunity.

The following opportunities are available:

Anyone interested in webpage design is invited to join us as a local webmaster and help to create and maintain the local pages in your area.


We need individuals who can contact the local businesses and make them aware of the PTA National Network Project and encourage their participation. This can be done via telephone, internet, snail mail, advertising or in person.
We are also in need of individuals who can assist with the publicity of the pages. This will involve notifying schools via snail mail, email, telephone calls or in person. It will also involve notifying local newspapers, radio stations and television stations of the project. Samples of everything needed will be provided. However, we will also welcome your comments and suggestions.
As you can see, if you would like to be a part of this phenomenal project and make a difference in the lives of kids across the nation there is a place for you. The work is easy and fun in many ways ... but it does require commitment, time, and a willingness to learn. The rewards are great on both a personal and an economic level. However, you must be willing to devote several hours per week to training and to working your particular part of the project.

If you find you would like to further pursue this type of home-based work you may be invited to join other commercial ventures. We need 3-5 QUALITY people to be in charge of running several different internet ventures in various local areas across the nation.

1. Computer literate - you will need to pass an exam on computer literacy. Certain aspects of position will require consultation for clients on computers and/or internet. Also it is important to have a basic understanding of HTML. Training is available for those who are willing to commit to spending several hours per day developing the skills required.

2. Personable - you may work in the public eye, so a postive attitude is a MUST.

3. Internet Access - 90% of the work will be done from home, so we will need you to be able to access the internet from something.

4. There will be a $295 fee for tools, support software, and training if you choose to become involved with these additional ventures. My position is that we are more interested in working with people that value themselves. If you don't feel you are worth investing money into, chances are that we won't either.

We currently own 6 internet businesses, and all are tied to each other. We use a main product supplier of technology to drive our industries, and that company can be located at

Other projects and opportunities can be seen at

We will fill you in on our other projects once we see you have an interest in furthering your career.

If you are interested in participating with us on the PTA National Network or other projects please contact me via email at:
Homebasemrkting or

I look forward to working with those who care about the future of our kids and our communities as much as I do and are willing to work toward providing them the tools and the resources they need to be successful and happy.

Cindy Lewis
Marketing Broker