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How does Fortune 14 work?
SUPER LOW One time purchase of only $49.95!!!
You can get started in the EASY Fortune 14 Program by choosing to become a retail customer. For only $49.95 (plus a $20 non-refundable processing fee) you will receive 400 top quality leads for your MLM business! You will also get a FREE Business Center in our STATE- OF-THE-ART 2 X 3 Computer Forced Matrix! Call our 24 hour, 7 day per week computerized telesponsoring system. It's fast! It's easy! And best of all, its confidential and safe! You will need to have your sponsor's 8-digit Distributor ID number handy 76454655. You will also need the information from one check: the check number, the bank's number and your account number. (You will find the bank's nine-digit number between two symbols that look like this: .: )
When you get your FREE Business Center in our Easy 2 X 3 Matrix, you are eligible to earn commissions by selling our products. The simplest way to make sales is to use 3-way calling (available from your local phone company for $2 or $3 per month) and call people you know who would be interested in participating in the EASY Fortune 14 Program. Since over 70% of the people applying for a Cellular Phone are denied because of bad credit, you should be able to quickly find two people who would like the chance to get a FREE Cell Phone without credit checks PLUS the opportunity to earn UNLIMITED COMMISSIONS!
With 3 -way calling, and with the easy-to-use tools that Fortune 14 provides you, it's possible to get started making money FAST! Here's how...
  1. Use 3-way calling and call your friends & family into the HOTLINE message, Dial 1-800-686-0922 and go to Site # 1009.
  2. After you listen to the message together, ask them what part of the program they like the best. Then ask them, "Wouldn't it be great to get the cell phone and earn unlimited commissions? And and the lead package is only 49 bucks! Why don't you give it a try?"
  3. Use your 3-way calling to dial the Automated Telesponsoring System at 1-888-722 2060. Help your people get signed up. If they need more information to make a decision, have them call our Fax On Demand @ 716-720-1027 from a fax machine.
  4. Repeat the process until, you have two sales.
  5. Help your two do just what you did. When they each get two who get two, (a total of only 14 sales) you get your PCS Digital Cell Phone and your first Commission Check! It's that easy! The whole process could happen in 24 hours or less!!!

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