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About Our
Timothy A. Jewell, President & CEO
A true entrepreneur at heart, Tim has started and managed six companies successfully. Owning and operating companies has been his passion for the past 14 years. Raised with a love for people, building strong relationships comes naturally to Tim. He was introduced to network marketing in the fall of 1995. His first year in the industry, Tim and the organization he built sold $1.8 million in product. Finding the industry highly intriguing and profitable, he set out to create a company that was distributor oriented. "If you help your friends be successful, you will be successful." This is on of Tim's favorite mottos.

Peter M. Dudek, Vice-President & CFO
Peter has been a business owner for many years. He has also worked in corporate management positions in a variety of industries. His experience, interests, and training led him to work as a consultant to start-up companies, and later to specialize in start-up MLM companies. He is especially involved with managing computer systems and company logistics. He also supervises software development, system design, marketing plan design, as well as compliance and other legal issues. He and his wife Lisa are the proud parents of four children.

MLM Attorney
We've hired one of the top MLM Attorneys in the world. We have spared no expense in retaining the best.

Written from scratch, we have custom software specifically designed for our program by our in-house computer programmer. He has previously worked with major corporations and his background in software and computer networks enables him to develop programs second to none in the MLM industry.

Financial Backers
While Fortune 14, Inc. is a debt free company, Tim has developed a working relationship with an investment team. They have been involved with Tim in several other businesses and can be called upon for capital if the need arises.

Company Location
Company headquarters are located in Hastings, Minnesota which is a suburb of the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. The mailing address is Fortune 14, P.O. Box 336, Hastings, MN 55033

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