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Your veterinarian is your partner.

Decision Guiding - Before you buy your first horse, talk to a veterinarian during the planning stages. Breed characteristics and training opportunities are just a couple of pieces of information that may help you with your buying decision. This is the first step in becoming a satisfieid horse owner.

Purchase Examination - The purchase examination evaluates he horse's general health and suitability for your intended uses. A veterinarian can provide the expertise to help you select a healthy horse.

General Care - How you care for your horse is essential. An experienced veterinarian can advise you on all aspects of horse care, proper housing, nutrition, exercise, etc.

Medical Care and Treatment - Obviously, you will need a veterinarian to treat your horse if it becomes sick or injured. However, to maintain the health of your horse the practice of preventive medicine is fa more desireable than emergency care. Through regular examinations, serious problems can be detected and treated in the early stages.

Health Records - Complete health records are kept which detail your horses, vaccinations, dewormings, and any illnesses or injuries.

Cory Soltau, DVM

Equine veterinarians understand the special bonds between owners and their horses, whether they are caring for backyard ponies or the finest thoroughbreds. Because of this close relationship between you and your horse, you want the very best care possible. No one is better qualified to provide this care than Dr. Cory Soltau.

Whether you are a first-time owner of a horse or a seasoned veteran, an experienced veterinarian is your best investment for the life-long health and well being of your horse.

Practice Limited to horses.

24 hour emergency service.

Cory Soltau, DVM

240 Joseph
Pleasanton, California

(925) 831-3450


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