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Not Online? You Better Get Their Soon!

The following is a synopsis of an article from the Deseret News by LaVarr Webb.

Do you have an e-mail address? If not you really ought to get one. Within a short time, not having an e-mail address will be like not having a phone number or business address.

Do you have access to the internet? If not, you really ought to get access. The internet has become much more than just an information source. It is a powerful marketplace that no business can afford to ignore.

I am surprised at the number of people, especially those engaged in small business, who stil don't use e-mail or the internet. Despite the avalanche of publicity about the new medium and the predictions by numerous gurus and futurists that the Internet will dramatically change the way we work and play, a large number of people aren't getting the message.

Yes, is is all very new, and the industry is far from mature. And, no a failsafe method to make money using the internet has not been perfected, but at this point if you are not at least learning and experimenting and watching develpments closely, you are in danger of being left behind...


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